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Naxos Island

Arriving in Naxos
As you arrive by boat into the harbour we welcome you to our beautiful island of Ariadne and as you look to your left you will see the Temple of Apollo known as
Portara and to the right of the harbour is the Chora, the main settlement of the island with a Venetian castle towering above.

Where is Red Lake?
To get to Red Lake you can either take a taxi or use one of the local buses.
Print the map and folow the signs - to the airport,
Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna.
Look out of the traffic lights at the airport road which only work when there is a plane arriving

Map of Town

After these lights take the next left turn, travel on past the Aquadome, down the hill until you come to a small crossroad. Turn right here and follow the road along and you will see the signs for Red lake. If you have a problem please call us.

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