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Naxos Island
I'll drink wine from the island
and Citron from Naxos,
and one night in Portara
I'll start the dance,
And the joy will be seem
I'll go to the top of the hills
To enjoy the north
And to be proud of
Our beautiful islands
(says a greek song )
Temple of Apollo-Portara
Naxos or Axia. You are welcome to Naxos, to the island that combines white and blue, the mountain and the sea, the sun and the sand, the amusement and the relaxation.
From a geographical point of  view, Naxos is the largest Cycladic island that is located in the heart of Aegeanand only 5 hours from the port of Piraeus. To the North are the islands of  Mykonos and Delos, to the South are the Small Cyclades(Sxoinousa, Heraklia, Koufonisia) and to the  West the island of  Paros
It is said that Naxos took her name from "Naxos", the leader of the first settlers of the island that came from Mikra Asia
Have your camera ready  as you arrive to our island to take as many pictures as you can! A tour of the island will leave you with pleasant memories.a variety of landscapes... Photograph the majestic sunset having as a  background Portara or the Old Country , the harbour  of Naxos, the Venetian Castle, the College of Ousoulines..
The Venetian domination has left its imprints in the Old City of Naxos. Short paths with nice stones, arches , white houses with blue windows and red flowers ,the smell of the  jasmine,the colour of bougainvillea, adorns  their yards, the school Of Oursulines, the Catholic church, the folklore museum attracts the admiration of  the visitor. 
Portara, known also as Palatia, is the entry of Apollonas Temple , where the construction  began  from Lygdamis , on the small island that we call Palatia.
Unfortunately however the Temple was not completed . 
In the centre of the island the pictures give and go., do not be surprised when you focus your camera from the mountain to the sea that suddenly goats and sheep are staring at you !?!  33 villages exist in Naxos where each one has its own personality, its own tradition and history.
On your way you will pass farms and villages known as Livadia(these are Agios Arsenios (or Agersani), Viblos (or Tripodes),Glinado)where the known and tasty potato of Naxos is  cultivated, the wines in the mountainous villages, mainly in the Koronida (or Komiaki) from which we produce the wine and the raki, the mountains with white marble in Kinidaros, emery mines in Koronos, the factory that products the traditional local liquor  Citron, in  Halkeio (Halki), the graphic , picturesque village Apeiranthos, the Ano , Mesi and Kato Potamia with the wonderful  green from the trees Rivers, the dam in Enggares and Faneromenis ,Kouros in Apollonas (male stone statue about 2 metres long laid in the ground )and Kori in Melanes(female statue)small churches,and towers from different ages, enough mountains and valleys make up the picture of Naxos
The highest mountain of Naxos , Zas or Zeys( height 1003m) in Filoti  and took the name from the god Zeus. It is said that the father of Gods Zeus was born in Crete, in the cave Ideon Adro and grew up  in Zas Mountain. 
In Naxos Thiseas  abandoned the Godness Of Fertility , Ariadni  and the God of wine, Dionisos , married . The union of the two Gods resulted int he euphoria of the  island.
Potato production in Naxos is famous throughout all Greece. Also famous are the cheese -graviera (3rd in Greece) and the liqueur of Citron. ,kefalotiri (or arseniko  cheese), ksinotiro& mizithra(kinds of cheese), askoudes (olives), raki, wine, honey and the "sweets of spoon". Rich in vineyards, olives, fruit trees,  all these products keeps our island selfsufficient

Visit Naxos for your holidays 
relax and enjoy  during your stay
magical places will be seen,
you'll be pleased that you have been

Naxos as you visit and her islands are seen ,
you'll want to stay ,such a magic won't be seen anywhere!!!

 Sphinx of Naxos



East side of Naxos
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